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 +# $EPIC: defer.txt,v 1.3 2006/08/01 02:17:03 sthalik Exp $
 +__defer__ {<​stuff>​}
 +The __DEFER__ command schedules <​stuff>​ to be executed later on when
 +the client is idle, and there is no risk that if <​stuff>​ were to destroy
 +something that it would crash the client.
 +Any time you want to destroy something, whether it be a DCC, a server, a open
 +file, an /[[on]], a window, a log file, etc, you always run the risk that some
 +alias further down the stack might have done a /wait or a /[[pause]] or a
 +/​[[redirect]],​ and is holding a reference to the thing you want to destroy. ​ It
 +is possible that if you destroy that thing, and then the /[[wait]] or
 +/[[pause]] or /​[[redirect]] finishes, that the alias down further in the stack
 +might try to use the object, which you destroyed, and thus it will crash the
 +Now, I'm not saying that such cases are "​normal"​ but there are sequencing
 +issues that may result in it being dangerous for you to destroy something
 +at certain times. ​ THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE INSIDE ONs.  If you find that
 +your script can crash the client by deleting something, the first thing
 +you should try is to put a /DEFER in front of the command to see if that
 +fixes it.
 +Obviously, if you /DEFER destroying something, it won't be destroyed
 +immediately,​ so you can't use it in any place where it's important that
 +the object is actually destroyed before you continue.
 +======Example 1:======
 +Here's an example that will malfunction on many versions:
 +     ON #401 -1 * { on 401 - }
 +     ON ^401 * { echo -- 401 hooked! $*
 +     whois doesnotexist
 +The reason why this crashes is because the -1 serial numbered on deletes
 +both on's, but the /[[ON]] system still has a pointer to the second on and
 +still intends to run it, even after it's been deleted. ​ Although this 
 +particular bug has been fixed in recent versions, it's an example of the
 +kind of destruction that could cause a crash.
 +So in the above example, this is the "​safer"​ way:
 +     ON #401 -1 * { defer on 401 - }
 +     ON ^401 * { echo -- 401 hooked! $*
 +     whois doesnotexist
 +But obviously this means that the second /[[on]] will execute. ​ (There is no
 +reasonable, portable, crash-proof way to destroy an /[[on]] so it will not run
 +from a lower numbered serial number.)
 +======Example 2:======
 +It doesn'​t matter what you want to do within an /[[ON]] WINDOW_* hook, you
 +probably should /DEFER it.
 +The __DEFER__ command first appeared in EPIC4-0.9.16.
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