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Installing EPIC

Using EPIC (You need a script)

About EPIC

About EPIC5

About EPIC4

  • EPIC4 docs in html
  • Browse EPIC4 CVS
  • EPIC docs in /HELP format
  • Introduction to EPIC4
  • Detailed EPIC4 Changelog

Welcome to EPIC!

Current EPIC Versions

  • EPIC5-1.4 is a formal beta release looking towards a 2.0 release. Try it out!
  • EPIC4-2.10.5 now comes with Maildir support that works like EPIC5. (contributed by Jari Turkia)

I'll try to keep a running log of news at epic news and we'll see how it works out.

Are you having problems with output on EPIC5?

EPIC5-1.1.8 and later support UTF-8, which is harder to get working than you might think. Please visit the page Getting utf-8 working if you're having any problems typing or seeing things correctly.

Not familiar with Git?

If you're comfortable with cvs, and want to know how to do things in git, check out basic git for cvs users.

Getting EPIC

EPIC is published via git and as source distributions:

Most OS distributions have EPIC4 and EPIC5 binary packages available. The latest source releases are available here:

What is EPIC? (quick answer)

EPIC is an IRC client. It is text based and runs on UNIX-like systems (such as Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, and Cygwin). It is primarily used by long-time IRC users who have remote ssh access to a unix-like system who want to stay connected to IRC constantly, even when they're not logged in. It takes a toolbox and opt-in approach – out of the box it is rather plain – so you will need a “script pack” to provide you a polished user experience.

It was forked from ircII in the early 1990s and is still actively maintained (as of 2013).

What is IRC? (quick answer)

IRC is the Internet's oldest multi-user real-time chat system. On IRC, you can join a channel, and converse in real time with other people who have also joined that channel. People come and go constantly, and there are thousands of channels about all sorts of topics. You can also talk privately with people outside of a channel.

Why does EPIC exist?

EPIC exists because we want irc to be fun! You can always find a “better” irc client, for some value of “better”, but you probably won't find one that lets you have more fun exploring your geeky tendencies.

Who uses EPIC?

The scripters who are creating irc experiences, and the users who enjoy those experiences. You don't really use EPIC as much as you are using a script. If you have problems using EPIC, contact the author of the script you are using.

Help with EPIC

EPIC comes with help pages, which you can help us maintain!

This website is very much a work in progress.

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