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 +# $EPIC: activity.txt,​v 1.2 2007/02/28 17:16:07 sthalik Exp $
 +[[load]] activity
 +The script is a replacement for the built in activity bar. It includes
 +channel/​query names in addition to window refnums and colors, indicating
 +the level of the event that took place in given window.
 +To use it, place "​**%2**"​ on the statusbar where you want the activity
 +bar to appear. In case you're using reverse video for you statusbar, you
 +might want to edit the script and change the colored formatting.
 +You can also use the "​**%E**"​ indicator, displaying your current window
 +refnum along with its channel or query.
 +There are two /​[[set]]'​able variables:
 +**chanact_length**:​ maximum length of each of items appearing on the
 +**%2** indicator \\
 +**winname_length**:​ same, but for **%E**
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