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 +# $EPIC: fromw.txt,v 1.3 2007/03/02 02:32:04 jnelson Exp $
 +$__fromw__(<​word>​ <word list>)
 +   * If the <​word>​ argument is omitted this function returns the empty string.
 +   * The <word list> is literal strings. ​ Before EPIC4-1.1.10,​ the <word list> was a list of wildcard patterns.
 +   * If <​word>​ is not found in <word list>, this function returns the empty string.
 +   * Otherwise, the function behaves "as if" the following had been performed: \\ <val> = findw(<​word>​ <word list>) \\ <​function_return>​ = restw(<​val>​ <word list>)
 +   * Remember that <​wordlist>​ is a list of [[what is a word|words]].
 +This function lets you get the part of <word list> that occurs AFTER
 +AND INCLUDING the <​word>​.
 +The portion of <word list> after and including the <​word>​.
 +$fromw(foobar one two foobar my shoe)    returns "​foobar my shoe"
 +$fromw(booya one two foobar my shoe)     ​returns "" ​ (empty string)
 +$fromw(foobar f* fo* foobar foo* foob*) ​ returns "​foobar foo* foob*"
 +This function first appeared in "​+2"​ (post-ircII,​ pre-EPIC)
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