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 +# $EPIC: window_rebuild_scrollback.txt,​v 1.2 2007/02/19 03:20:46 jnelson Exp $
 +[[window]] rebuild_scrollback
 +The [[window rebuild_scrollback]] operator causes a window'​s scrollback ​
 +buffer to be rebuilt, even if it doesn'​t need to be.
 +Normally, a window'​s scrollback buffer is rebuilt every time the number of
 +columns is changed, either by resizing the screen, or by moving the window
 +from a screen of one size to a screen of a different size.
 +A window'​s scrollback is rebuilt by deleting everything that is currently
 +in the scrollback, and then redisplaying all of the lines that are in the
 +window'​s lastlog buffer. ​ This redisplaying is not done visibly, so that
 +you would be distracted by the scrolling, but is done as an internal
 +operation. ​ The scrollback position, hold_mode position, and top-of-window
 +position are all saved across the rebuild. ​ If all goes well, you should
 +not really notice anything.
 +It is worth noting that the new contents of the scrollback buffer are 
 +limited only to those values contained in the window'​s lastlog; if the
 +scrollback is large, but the lastlog is small, then resizing the screen
 +//will// cause scrollback lossage. ​ If what was visible in your window
 +before a rebuild is not available in your lastlog, it will not be visible
 +after the rebuild; the window will be reset to the new top of scrollback
 +(ie, as far back as it can go).
 +This operation first appeared in EPIC5-0.0.7
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