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# $EPIC: 2.8script.txt,v 1.2 2006/07/12 13:57:46 sthalik Exp $


load 2.8script


This is one of the default script loaded when the client is started; it is loaded from GLOBAL. It redefines the returned messages from STATS queries and in channel ban lists. It contains several aliases; those whose names are the same as built-in commands are intended to enhance them.

Alias Description
/cinfo reports who compiled client → $info©
/invite channel name optional
/join channel prefix optional, no args follows last invite
/leave channel prefix optional, no args leaves current
/mode3 unlimited number of arguments to single mode
/topic channel name optional, channel prefix optional


To join channels #foo, #bar, and &blah:

    /join foo,bar,&blah

To give channel mode +o to your 5 best friends in #blah:

    /mode3 #blah +ooo joebob jimbob junebug orville wilbur

To set the topic on the current channel:

    /topic Welcome to our channel!


The /mode3 alias requires that the mode to be set contain a triple mode, if 3 or more people are to receive the mode. For instance, the script would partially fail if '+o' were used in the above example.


Numerous people have contributed to this script over the years. The most recent enhancements are from Jeremy Nelson (hop),

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