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after(count chars text)


The after() function returns the part of text after the countth instance of any of the characters in chars.

The chars argument may contain multiple characters. If it contains a space, you should surround it with double quotes (which won't count).

If text does not contain count instances of any of the characters in chars, or if count is 0, then it returns the empty string.

If count is a negative number, the characters are counted from the end of the string.

Defined Behaviors:

Call Return Value Because
after(1 ! hop!user@host) user@host
after(1 / /usr/local/bin/epic) usr/local/bin/epic
after(-1 / /usr/local/bin/epic) epic
after(-2 / /usr/local/bin/epic) bin/epic
after(5 / /usr/local/bin/epic) the empty string (there are not 5 /'s in the string)
after(/ /usr/local/bin/epic) usr/local/bin/epic (count defaults to 1)
after(0 ! hop!user@host) the empty string (the count argument is 0)
after(1 @ /usr/local/bin/epic) the empty string (there is not 1 @'s in the string)
after(/usr/local/bin/epic) the empty string (argument error – there are not enough words)
after() the empty string (no params)


This function first appeared in “+10” (post ircII, pre-EPIC). Support for the <count> argument first appeared in “+11”

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