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# $EPIC: chanmode.txt,v 1.3 2006/07/17 20:15:25 sthalik Exp $


$chanmode(<channel list>)


  • If the <channel list> argument is omitted, the current channel is used. THIS MAY NOT BE THE CORRECT CHANNEL IN AN /ON!
  • <channel list> is taken as a word list (space separated) of channel names. The asterisk (“*”) is a special channel name that refers to the current window's current channel. THIS MAY NOT BE THE CORRECT CHANNEL IN AN /ON!
  • The return value is a word list of channel modes corresponding in order to <channel list>. If a specified channel in <channel list> does not have a key, the asterisk (“*”) character will indicate that there is “no mode”.
  • You must be on the channel.
  • Before the /ON CHANNEL_SYNC for the channel is thrown, this function may return “no mode” (“*”);
  • Channel modes may include spaces, but the return value will not surround each channel's mode with double-quotes. This may be enough of a problem that you probably should avoid requesting more than one channel's mode at a time, even though you technically can.


This function is used to fetch a channel's mode. Any number of channels may be specified, though the output could be confusing if some have the channel modes that take arguments set. You must be on the channels or you will get the “no mode” indicator (“*”).


A list of channel modes for a list of given channels. The “*” is used as an indicator of “no modes” for the channel. There shouldn't be any error condition returned by this function.


This function first appeared in EPIC3pre7.

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