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# $EPIC: country.txt,v 1.2 2006/07/24 07:11:25 sthalik Exp $


load country


This script is used for converting between a country's (official) name and its ISO country code. It can convert in either direction, and can convert to a country name based on an email address. Everything is done through a single alias, /country. The basic syntax is:

/country [<switch>] <nickname|country|isometric>

The default behavior is for the script to try to guess what type of input it has been given. The default is a nickname. If it cannot find anyone on irc with that nickname, it checks the length of the input. If it is longer than 3 (three) characters, a country name is assumed. If all else fails, it tries an isometric code. Several switches are available to force the client to do a particular type of lookup (instead of guessing).

Flag Purpose
-c assume input is definitely a country name
-f skips userhost lookup used in nickname searches
-i assume input is definitely an ISO code
-n ignored (historical feature)

For convenience, 2 additional aliases are provided; /lcountry is the same as /country -c, and /lcode is the same as /country -i.

Other Notes:

This script was originally written by Daniel Cedras (TG). It has been largely rewritten by Jeremy Nelson (hop),, to take advantage of EPIC's features.

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