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# $EPIC: dcc_send.txt,v 1.2 2006/07/26 19:47:17 sthalik Exp $


dcc send [=]<nick> [-p <port>] <file> [<file> …]


Sometimes you want to share a file with another person on irc. The DCC SEND command sends an offer to share to another person. The remote client must of course open the connection before the file transfer will begin.

You can use DCC SEND on a DCC CHAT target; just prefix the DCC CHAT targets nickname with an equals sign. This is faster, since the handshake doesn't have to go over an irc network, too.

You can offer more than one file at a time.

If the -p flag is present you may specify the port that the client should use for the connection.

Security Considerations:

A DCC SEND provides the recipient with the client's IP address. On networks which hide this information, this provides a potential way for an attacker to obtain the client's IP address through social engineering.


To send a file to joebob:

    /dcc send joebob somefile

To send a file to joebob using port 1234:

    /dcc send joebob -p 1234 somefile
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