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# $EPIC: encrypt.txt,v 1.4 2010/04/03 04:14:56 jnelson Exp $


Start encrypted convo: encrypt [-<cipher>] <target> <password> [<program>]
Stop encrypted convo: encrypt [-<cipher>] <target>
List all encrypted convos: encrypt
Stop all encrypted convos: encrypt -clear


Use this command to hold encrypted conversations on a channel or with another user. Encrypted conversations require the other person to use a client that supports it.

Without an argument, the command shows you all your encrypted conversations.

With the -clear argument, it deletes all your encrypted conversations.

When you have a correctly configured encrypted conversation, then the messages you send to the other person(s) will be encrypted and anyone who does not have the password will not be able to see what you say.

This works in reverse. If someone is trying to have an encrypted conversation with you and you do not have the correct password you will not be able to read what they are saying.

To have an encrypted conversation, you need to have three things.

  1. Who it is with (a channel, a nickname, or a user@host)
  2. The encryption cipher you will use
  3. The password

1. Encryption targets

An encryption target is:

  1. An optional server name or server refnum
  2. An optional slash
  3. Anything you can send a message to (nickname, channel, dcc chat, etc)


/encrypt 0/hop -sed hello

will encrypt with 'hop' but only on server 0!


/encrypt efnet/#epic -blowfish howdy

will encrypt what you say on #epic on a server in group 'efnet'


/encrypt -cast yo!

will encrypt with 'hop' but only on


/encrypt =hop -blowfish ouch

will encrypt your DCC CHAT conversation with 'hop'.

If you have overlapping conversations, then these are the tiebreakers: 1. Server refnum 2. The server's “ourname” (the hostname we used to connect to it) 3. The server's “itsname” (the name the server calls itself) 4. The server's “group” (which you provided)

2. Encryption ciphers

The following ciphers are supported. Remember to prefix them with a hyphen!

Cipher Notes
-SED Legacy ircII encryption (default) (very poor)
-CAST Compatible with ircII-4.4
-BLOWFISH Not compatible with FiSH or anythinge else
-AES Not compatible with anything except EPIC
-AESSHA Not compatible with anything except EPIC
-SEDSHA Not compatible with anything except EPIC

3. Encryption passwords

The quality of the encryption depends on the quality of your password. There are no restrictions on your password, but everybody in the conversation must know the password!


To start a SED encrypted session with JoeBob using the key “foobar”:

    /encrypt joebob foobar

To start a SED encrypted session with channel #blah using key “booya”:

    /encrypt #blah booya

To list your current encrypted sessions:


To end your encrypted session with JoeBob:

    /encrypt joebob

To encrypt your session with Xenu with a strong AES-SHA cipher:

    /encrypt Xenu -AESSHA teegeack

To start separate encrypt sessions with channels with the same names on different servers:

    /encrypt 0/#foo -AESSHA kitty
    /encrypt 3/#foo -BLOWFISH cat

JoeBob on channel #blah is being rebellious and using a different key and encryption method and you still wish to see what everybody is saying. After this, the encryption key you will use to send to the channel will still be 'booya':

    /encrypt #blah,joebob!* fludle epic-crypt-gpg-aa

You are being rebelious on #blah by using a different key, and you still wish to see what everybody using the old key is saying:

    /encrypt #blah,* oldkey
    /encrypt #blah mykey
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