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Welcome to EPIC!

EPIC is an irc client. There are many irc clients, many of which are very nice. How do you know if EPIC is right for you?

  • EPIC is a traditional ircII client with the ircII programming language and user interface, but can interface with Perl, Ruby, and TCL for extensions.
  • EPIC is still maintained and has an active community of friendly people (irc is about socializing, after all!)
  • EPIC has low requirements for memory and CPU, which is nice for multi-user servers.
  • EPIC is focused on staying out of your way – a lot of clients have ideas about how you should use irc, and can be cranky if you want to do something it doesn't anticipate. EPIC is completely open ended and programmable.

Come visit us on #epic on EFNet! We'd love to get to know you.

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