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input “<prompt>” <command> [<arguments>]
input_char “<prompt>” <command> [<arguments>]


This command is primarily for use inside scripts. It allows the client to present the user with a visible prompt for specific commands. This can be used for interactive commands, for command confirmation, etc. Multiple commands may be specified if surrounded with curly braces.

The variant INPUT_CHAR words the same as INPUT, except it only takes a single character. The primary difference is that it does not require that a carriage return be entered before executing the command; the first keystroke will trigger it.


-noecho stops the echoing of characters as they are typed


To let a command ask for confirmation:

    input "Are you REALLY sure you want to do this? (y/n) " {
       if ( [$0] == [y] ) exec rm -rf *

The basis for a simple paging mechanism:

    input_char "Press 'q' to quit, any other key to continue: " {
       unless ( [$0] == [q] ) {
          /* do whatever */


These commands are functionally equivalent to the $“…” expando. In truth, they supersede $“…”.

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