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# $EPIC: ischanop.txt,v 1.5 2006/10/13 17:51:04 sthalik Exp $


$ischanop(<nick> <channel>)


  • If the <nick> argument is omitted, the empty string is returned.
  • If the <channel> argument is omitted, or if it is a literal star ('*'), then the current channel is assumed.
  • BEWARE – if you are connected to more than one server and the current window is connected to a different server than whatever context this function is called in, it may falsely return 0. To be sure, always specify the channel name!
  • This function returns 1 if <nick> is a channel operator on <channel>.
  • This function uses the internal channel cache:
    • Both you and <nick> must be on <channel> or it will return 0.
    • If /on channel_sync has not been thrown for <channel> it may return 0.


Many scripts try to avoid giving channel operator status (+o) to those who already have it (to save bandwidth). You can use this function to see if someone is a channel operator as a condition of some other action.


1 <nick> is a channel operator on <channel>
0 <nick> is not a channel operator on <channel>


This function first appeared in ircII-2.2pre1

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