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# $EPIC: me.txt,v 1.3 2006/08/19 01:19:53 sthalik Exp $


me <action description>


ME lets you perform an action on your current channel. It lets you describe what you're doing as though someone is watching you, rather than you telling them.


To perform an action:

    /me doesn't want to go to work today

Anyone on the channel you sent the action to will see something like this:

  • foobar doesn't want to go to work today


ME functions identically to using DESCRIBE to send an action to your current channel, as well as to CTCP ACTION.


This command makes use of CTCP (client-to-client protocol), which is not part of the IRC protocol. Most modern IRC clients understand CTCP, but not all do, while others might not support the same CTCP commands that ircII-EPIC supports. If you receive an error of some sort, then the client on the receiving end is unable to properly handle your CTCP message.

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