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# $EPIC: notify_script.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/01 05:32:26 sthalik Exp $


load notify


This is a scripted notify system, much like EPIC's internal notify system, with the ability to manage both global and local notify lists.

Alias Description
/nlist shows nicknames in all notify lists
/notify manages local and global notify lists

The syntax for managing notify lists is similar to that of EPIC's internal /notify. To modify a list, supply a list of nicknames you wish to add or remove. Nicknames preceded by a '-' will be removed from the list. To add a nickname to the local notify list of a server, use 'nickname:refnum'. To add a nickname to the local notify list of all servers in a particular group, use 'nickname::group'. To clear the global notify list, specify '-' as the sole argument. To clear all notify lists (global and local), specify '–' as the sole argument.

Note: Local notify lists override the global notify list. The global list is enforced for a server only when no local list for that particular server exists.

This script uses the following /set variables:

NOTIFY -- turns notify system on or off
NOTIFY_INTERVAL -- how often (in seconds) to check for signons and signoffs
NOTIFY_USERHOST_AUTOMATIC -- if set on, userhosts will be displayed in
                             the signon messages (this can lag you if you
                             have a very large notify list)

Other Notes:

This author of this script is John M. Burks (nsx). This script is public domain; you may use it for any purpose you see fit.

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