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# $EPIC: queue.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/19 04:08:24 sthalik Exp $


queue [<flag>] <name> [<number>] [<commands>]


QUEUE allows for a sort of batch processing in ircII-EPIC. It is a convenient mechanism for preparing to execute a command at a later, undetermined time. It can also be used as a sort of dynamically growing alias.

Sets of commands may be stored into named queues; there is no limit to the number of queues that may exist, or the number of commands that may be present in a queue. For queues with multiple commands, the commands must be surrounded by curly braces.


-delete delete the specified entry number in the named queue
-do runs the commands in the named queue
-no_flush does not flush commands (for use only with -do)
-flush flush the named queue without running the commands
-list show the contents of the named queue
-show show the contents of all queues
-expand_now expand <commands> before adding entry to the named queue
-help show syntax information


To add an item to the queue “foo”:

    queue foo {
       echo This is a queued command.
       echo Isn't it cool?

To delete an item from a queue with multiple items:

    queue -delete foo 2


Error checking is not horribly tight with QUEUE. Trying to confuse the client with multiple arguments that don't belong together will probably succeed. Using multiple flags should be avoided whenever possible.

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