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# $EPIC: quit.txt,v 1.4 2006/08/29 18:22:56 sthalik Exp $


quit [<quit message>]


When you are all done with talking, you can use the QUIT command to exit from IRC and go back to your shell.

  • All of your dcc connections are terminated
  • Your quit message is created, either <quit message> or set quit_message.
  • on exit is thrown.
  • TCL, Perl, and Ruby finalizers (if any) are run.
  • You are disconnected from every server using your quit message.
  • All of your logfiles are closed
  • All of your exec processes are terminated.
  • Your terminal is returned to its initial state
  • As much memory as possible is free()d to find memory leaks.
  • The program terminates.

The ordering of the above list is not a promise, it's just included for your edification.


To quit from IRC with a message:

    /quit I'll be back soon!
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