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# $EPIC: regmatches.txt,v 1.3 2009/03/21 05:06:18 zwhite Exp $


$regmatches(<value returned by regcomp> <max matches> <string>)


This function matches a regular expression much like regexec does, except it honors subexpressions in the regular expression. It will return at most <max matches> pairs of numbers describing the start and length of any matches and submatches found. Each pair is suitable for passing to mid.

The first pair of numbers returned is always the entire string matched. If you wish to match any subexpressions you must specify at least 2 for <max matches>.


Returns a list of number pairs, with each suitable for passing to $mid() to extract the substring.

If the <string> does not match the <value returned by regcomp> then the false value is returned.


   @ orig_string = 'abc def';
   @ pattern = regcomp(abc \(def\)));
   @ substrings = regmatches($pattern 2 $orig_string);
   fe ($substrings) x y {
      if (y != strlen($orig_string)) {
         @ rvalue = mid($x $y $orig_string);
         echo $rvalue;

When run, this will return “def”.

More Info:

See the regex page for more info.


This function first appeared in EPIC4-1.1.3. Previously, regcomp did not support subexpressions.

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