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#$EPIC: rehash.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/19 06:07:20 sthalik Exp $


rehash [command]


This command is used to force the current server to reload its ircd.conf configuration file. This is useful for effecting configuration changes without starting a new server. A command can be given on some servers which extends rehash to other configuration files and other functionality.


ircd-hybrid 6.0 and later support at least the following REHASH commands:

 DNS          - Re-read /etc/resolv.conf
 IP           - Reload IP Hash. Shouldn't need to be used.
 TKLINES      - Clear all temporary klines.
 GLINES       - Locally removes all G: lines. This is unfortunately
                the only way to remove G: lines.
 GC           - Perform garbage collection.
 MOTD         - Reload MOTD
 HELP         - Reloads the help file for IRC Operator commands.
 DLINES       - Reloads D: lines 


This command is limited to irc operators on the server to be REHASHed.

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