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# $EPIC: screen.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/19 09:25:52 sthalik Exp $


load screen


This script allows ircII windows to be manipulated muck like with the screen program. It creates a number of key bindings:

Key Function
^X1 … ^X0 swap windows 1 to 10.
^Xa goes to the last window..
^Xc , ^X^C creates a new window
^Xk kills the current window, swaps it with a hidden window.
^Xl lists the windows.
^Xn swaps the next window (in refnumbers)
^Xp swap the previous window (in refnumbers)
^X (space) swap the next window.
^XC clears all windows visible

Other Notes:

This script was written by Matthew Green (phone),, with inspiration from Darren Reed (avalon),

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