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Process Signals Relevant to the Operation of EPIC

EPIC's behavior can be controlled (to an extent) from the Unix command line via signals. The following signals have notable affects on the client:

 SIGSEGV   cause the client to dump core, if compiled with EPIC_DEBUG
 SIGTERM   cause the client to immediately, but gracefully, exit
 SIGKILL   cause the client to die immediately, no cleanup
 SIGUSR1   cause the client to close all DCC connections and any EXECed
           processes that are still active

Typically, these signals are delivered with kill(1). The client's process id (PID) must be known to send it a signal. The PID may be obtained with the ps(1) command, or other utilities that display running processes. The basic form would be:

 % kill -USR1 <PID>

Refer to your system's manual pages for more information.

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