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silence -]<nick!user@host>] __silence__ [<nick>] ======Description:====== __SILENCE__ is a server extension available on undernet servers. Its purpose is similar to [[IGNORE, and acts as a complement, and not a replacement to IGNORE.

When you SILENCE_ someone, every server on the network is told that you do not want to receive any messages from that person. Whenever that person tries to send you any more messages, his local server will drop the message directly at the source. This saves you the trouble of having to receive the message and process it with IGNORE, and it saves the network the resources of sending a message that you do not want. This technique can be very effective against flooders.

If you do not provide an argument to SILENCE your current silence list will be shown.

The argument of SILENCE may be a plus ('+') or a minus ('-') followed by a full nick!user@host pattern which is of the same composition as a ban (MODE +b), except that at least one '*' wildcard must be used. If the prefix is a plus, the pattern is added to your silence list. If the prefix is a minus, the pattern is removed from your silence list.

The argument of SILENCE may be the nickname of another irc user. You will be shown that user's silence list. This can be useful in case you wanted to know if you or someone else are being silenced by that person.

This command will only work on servers with the SILENCE extension (mostly undernet servers) and the number of entries in your SILENCE list is limited, usually to 5 entries. SILENCE is not a replacement for IGNORE since IGNORE offers finer-grained control and is not limited in size.


 +<pattern>   add a pattern to your silence list
 -<pattern>   remove a pattern from your silence list


To add someone to your silence list:

    /silence +*!*jerk@*

To remove someone from your silence list:

    /silence -*!*friend@*

To see the silence list for FooBar:

    /silence foobar


This command is limited to Undernet-based servers (i.e. it won't work on EFnet).

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