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# $EPIC: altchan.txt,v 1.5 2007/03/16 23:04:42 jnelson Exp $


The author of this script (blackjac) says this help file is out of date. It needs to be updated by someone. Please remove this notice when you do.


load altchan


The altchan script allows you to toggle between hidden windows 1 through 20 easily. Press Esc+1 (or Alt+1) to toggle between windows 1 and 11, Esc+2 for windows 2 and 12, etc, up through Esc+0 for windows 10 and 20. You can also use Esc+? to be prompted for a window number. Press Esc+- (or Alt+-) to swap to the previous hidden window, or Esc+= (or Alt+=) to swap to the next hidden window.


The altchan script firat appeared in epic4-1.1.1. A new version of the script was written by blackjac for epic5-0.0.6.

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