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IPv6 Support

As of 7/29/2002 EPIC fully supports IPv6 in server descriptions, server connections, $connect(), $listen(), /DCC GET, Virtual Hostnames, $iptoname().

Server descriptions:

Surround the ipv6 p-addr with square brackets:
/server [1:2::3]:…

Server connections:

You can now connect to servers via IPv6!

Changed functions:

$connect(<host> <port> <family>)
where <family> is “4”, “6”, “v4” or “v6” and <family> is optional.

$listen(<port> <family>)
where <family> is “4”, “6”, “v4” or “v6” and <family> is optional.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 “p-addrs” (ie, A.B.C.D or A::B:C) are now supported.

Virtual Hostnames:

If the hostname that you choose as your virtual hostname has an IPv6 address, then that IPv6 address will be used as your virtual host if you connect to a server via IPv6.


If you receive a DCC SEND handshake from someone else and it uses an IPv6 hostname, you will be able to /DCC GET that file. This is forward compatability. Nobody can do /DCC SEND via IPv6 yet.

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