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# $EPIC: irclib.txt,v 1.3 2006/08/21 03:39:11 sthalik Exp $




This function returns the path to the irc library that the client is currently using. This value is set at client boot time and does not change afterwards. The irc library path influences the default values of /SET LOAD_PATH and /SET HELP_PATH.


The user is able to override the default path used by /LOAD and /HELP, but with this function, you can usually find the “stock” versions of scripts or help files, if you wanted to load those instead. This value can be changed by the user by setting the IRCPATH environment variable at client-boot time, so it is not entirely trustworthy. There is no way to get the client's compiled-in default path.


load $irclib()/script/motd                  /* loads the "motd" script */
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