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# $EPIC: logctl.txt,v 1.10 2006/08/30 19:54:06 sthalik Exp $


$logctl(REFNUM <log-desc>)
$logctl(ADD log-desc [target])
$logctl(DELETE log-desc [target])
$logctl(GET <refnum> [ITEM])
$logctl(SET <refnum> [ITEM] [VALUE])
$logctl(MATCH [pattern])
$logctl(PMATCH [pattern])


  • $logctl(REFNUMS ALL)
    Returns refnums of all logfiles
  • $logctl(REFNUMS ACTIVE)
    Returns refnums of all active (“on”) logfiles
    Returns refnums of all inactive (“off”) logfiles
  • $logctl(REFNUM <log-desc>)
    Return refnum of logfile given its refnum or name.
  • $logctl(MATCH [pattern])
    Return empty string (unimplemented for now)
  • $logctl(PMATCH [pattern])
    Return empty string (unimplemented for now)
  • $logctl(ADD log-desc [target])
    Add a target to be logged to an existing logfile
  • $logctl(DELETE log-desc [target])
    Remove a target to be logged from an existing logfile
  • $logctl(GET <refnum> [ITEM])
  • $logctl(CURRENT)
    Return refnum of logfile we're currently writing to. This function is intended to be called from within /set log_rewrite.
    • -1) Nothing at all is being logged.
    • 0) Something is being logged into a global log or a window log.
    • >0) Something is being logged to given log refnum.
  • $logctl(SET <refnum> [ITEM] [VALUE])
    Supported [ITEM]s
    • REFNUM (GET only) The logfile's refnum
    • NAME The logfile's name
    • FILENAME The file we're saving the log to
    • SERVER The server we're logging.
    • TARGETS All of the target's we're logging
    • LEVEL The levels we're filtering the logfile on
    • REWRITE How we're rewriting each line of the log
    • MANGLE How we're mangling each line of the log
    • STATUS 0 if “off”, 1 if “on”
    • TYPE What we're logging: “SERVER”, “WINDOW” or “TARGET”
    • ACTIVITY The last $time() the logfile was written to.


The $logctl() function first appeared in EPIC4-1.1.8.
ACTIVITY and REFNUMS first appeared in EPIC4-1.1.11.

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