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on [<modes>]dcc_connect [<serial#>] [-|^]<match> { <action> }


Triggered when DCC CHAT or DCC SEND is accepted.


This hook is triggered whenever the client successfully establishes a DCC connection with another client. Currently, this is either a CHAT or a SEND connection.


$0 nickname of remote client
$1 type of DCC connection
$2 ip address of remote client
$3 port on the ip address the client is connected to
$4 file name (SEND only)
$5 file size (SEND only)

Default Action:

If you don't suppress this event, the client will display a message to your screen.


To customize the connection message:

 on ^dcc_connect * (nick, type, addr, port, fname, fsize) {
    xecho -b DCC $type connection with $(nick)[$addr:$port] established;
    if (type == 'send') {
       xecho -b Transferring $fname \($fsize bytes\);

Other Notes:

Note that establishing a DCC connection does not involve the irc network. Thus, the $userhost() function will not work inside this hook.

For a DCC SEND connection, this will be hooked twice. Once with $1 being SEND, and again being GET. This is for compatibility with bitchx.


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