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on [<modes>]dcc_list [<serial#>] [-|^]<match> { <action> }


Triggered by each line when you do dcc list. Useful for a script to see what dccs are open.


This hook is triggered whenever a /dcc or /dcc list command is issued. The 'banner' of the list can be determined when $0 is “Start”, and the end of the list is determined when $0 is “end”.


$0 The type of DCC connection
$1 “1” if encryption is on, “0” if its not (future exp)
$2 Nickname of the peer
$3 Status of connection
$4 $time() when connection established, 0 if not connected.
$5 Size of the file transfer, 0 if not applicable
$6 Number of bytes transfered, 0 if not connected
$7 Description field (usually the full filename)

Default Action:

If you don't suppress this event, the client will display the dcc list item to your screen.


To display some extra info about dcc:

 on -dcc_list * (type, encrypted, peer, status, est, size, numbytes, desc) {
    if (numbytes / size > 0.9) { 
       echo File $desc from $nick is almost done! 
 dcc list;


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