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# $EPIC: reconnect_script.txt,v 1.2 2007/03/01 03:26:44 jnelson Exp $


/load reconnect
/set auto_reconnect ON
/set auto_reconnect_delay <number>
/set auto_reconnect_retries <number>
/set auto_reconnect_try_other_servers ON


Occasionally, you will get disconnected from IRC because of network issues. While this is always annoying, if you're actively talking, you can quickly reconnect. But if you're not paying attention or are away, you expect to be connected and in all your channels when you return. The purpose of this script is to handle reconnections when you are not actively engaged.

The /SET AUTO_RECONNECT (ON or OFF) controls whether the script will automatically reconnect or not. (Default is ON)

The /SET AUTO_RECONNECT_DELAY is the number of seconds that the script will wait after a disconnection (or failed reconnection) before it will try again. Changing this value only affects future disconnections, it doesn't change reconnections that are already in progress. (Default is 75)

The /SET AUTO_RECONNECT_RETRIES is the number of failed reconnection attempts the script will try before deciding the situation is hopeless and stop trying to connect to this server. (Default is 5).

When a server fails too many times in a row, if the server belongs to a group, and /SET AUTO_RECONNECT_TRY_OTHER_SERVERS is ON, the script will do a server +. If the server does not belong to a group, or the /SET is OFF, it will just give up and you'll have to do a reconnect when you come back. (Default is ON)

You can see which reconnection attempts are in progress with /LSRECONNECTS.

You can abort a reconnection attempt by going to the window that is disconnected and using /RMRECONNECT.


Auto-reconnect and auto-channel-rejoin has always been a feature of the client. It was hardcoded in EPIC4. It was scripted in EPIC5 as part of the project to implement nonblocking connects

The first version of this script was written by nullie and kreca in epic5-0.3.1. The second (current) version of this script was written by zlonix in epic5-2.1.6.

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