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# $EPIC: remw.txt,v 1.6 2007/07/10 22:09:59 jnelson Exp $


$remw(<word> <word list>)


  • If the <word> argument is omitted this function returns the empty string.
  • The return value of this function is <word list> with the first occurrence of the literal word <word> removed.
  • One space surrounding <word> is removed; additional spaces will remain.
  • <word> and <word list> are case insensitive.
  • Remember that <word> is a word.
  • Remember that <word list> is a list of words.
  • There is no practical way to support removing consecutive uwords from a uword list. A design flaw in EPIC4 allowed you to surround <word> in double quotes and it would remove multiple consecutive words from <word list>. This behavior is not supported in EPIC5.


If you have a list of words and you know what one of the words are and you want to remove it, you can use this function. This function is best if you know the word to be removed, but you don't know where it is. This saves you having to use $findw() to look it up and $notw() to remove it.


<word list> with first occurrence of <word> removed.


$remw(two one  two  three)          returns "one   three"
$remw(two one two three two one)    returns "one three two one"


This function first appeared in “+2” (post-ircII, pre-EPIC)

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