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Hooking Server Numerics

In addition to the numerous named hooks provided by the client (refer to the ON command in Section 5), EPIC can hook any numeric reply sent by a server. They are treated no differently from named hooks. Space constraints prevent a full discussion of all server numerics, not to mention that they tend to differ from network to network.

A small subset of commonly used numerics are provided for convenience. A mostly full listing can be found in the irc protocol specification, RFC 1459 (though you should look in the ircd source code for an exact list; they are in the file s_err.c in standard ircd distributions).

 Replies to /whois:   311-313, 317-319
 Replies to /mode +b: 367, 368
 Replies to /trace:   200-206, 208, 209, 261, 262
 Replies to /stats:   211-219, 241-244
 Common error numerics: 401 (nickname doesn't exist)
                      : 404 (can't send message to channel)
                      : 421 (unknown command)
                      : 436 (nickname collision server kill)
                      : 465 (you're banned from server)
                      : 473 (can't join channel, invite-only)
                      : 474 (can't join channel, banned)
                      : 482 (you're not a channel operator)
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