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These functions sort the given list in ascending order. The $sort() function sorts the list based on character value, while $numsort() sorts by numeric value.


The $sort() function is used primarily for alphabetizing the list. It isn't true alphabetical order, since uppercase letters come before lowercase, but it works for most cases. The $numsort() function is used for sorting a list of numbers. It understands negative numbers, and any non-number is treated as 0 (zero).


the given list, sorted


$sort(foo bar blah erf booya)       returns "bar blah booya erf foo"
$sort(foo Bar blah Erf booya)       returns "Bar Erf blah booya foo"
$numsort(4 -6 34 -96 0)             returns "-96 -6 0 4 34"
$numsort(4 -6 34 -96 0Erf blah)     returns "-96 -6 0 Erf blah 4 34"
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