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# $EPIC: loadformats.txt,v 1.2 2007/03/01 03:26:44 jnelson Exp $


load loadformats
/addformat type [value]
/delformat type
/loadformats filename
/saveformats filename


This script is the user-friendly front end to the implied on hook facility. This script allows you to create /SET FORMAT_* variables which behave similarly to other client's /FSET facilities.

The implied on hook facility allows you to control how the events are displayed to your window, without having to create explicit on hooks. This script lets you load, change, and set these implied on hooks, and control the values through dynamically created sets.


The type argument is the name of an on type, such as MSG, PUBLIC, or NOTIFY_SIGNON, etc.

The value argument is the default initial value for the new set.

The filename is a the name of a file that contains format definitions that look like

     //TYPE// //VALUE//

for example,

PUBLIC %K<%n$0%K>%n $2-
MSG %K[%C$0%K\(%c$userhost($0)%K\)] $1-


The /ADDFORMAT command creates a /SET FORMAT_type variable that controls the implied on hook for the on type. The initial value of the format and the implied on hook is the optional value.

The /DELFORMAT command removes the /SET FORMAT_type variable that controls the implied on hook for the on type. The implied on hook is also destroyed.

The /DUMPFORMAT command removes all of the /SET FORMAT_type variables and all of your implied on hooks.

The /LOADFORMATS command loads a file that contains lines that contain a type and a value, and runs /ADDFORMAT on each.

The /SAVEFORMATS command saves all of your implied hooks into a file that can be later loaded with /LOADFORMATS.


This script was written by fudd and first appeared in epic5-0.0.5.

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