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# $EPIC: srand.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/20 16:57:01 sthalik Exp $




  • All arguments, if any, are ignored.
  • This function “seeds” the “random number” generator with the current system time. See the help file on Random_Numbers for more information about what seeding the “random number” generator is good for.
  • This function returns the empty string.


If you use the pseudo-random-number generator (described in the random number help file), you will always get the same sequence of numbers each time you use epic, unless you “seed” the pseudo-random-number generator first by calling the $srand() function. If you do not use the pseudo- random-number generator (and you don't, by default), then this function has no effect and it is not neccesary to call it.


This function always returns the empty string.


This function first appeared in ircII.

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