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xquote [see flags below] <rfc1459-statement>


The xquote command sends <rfc1459-statement> directly to the current server without any interpretation or formatting. In EPIC4 and some older versions of EPIC5, you are not permitted to quote the ISON, NICK, SERVER, or USERHOST protocol commands, and quoting the QUIT or WHO command results in a warning. In the current version of EPIC5, there are no restrictions on what you may send to the server.


-a Send to all servers which are open and registered. This argument overrules -s and must be specified last.
-s <servdesc> Send to server <refnum> instead of the current server. If this server is not open, this is an error and nothing is sent.
-u Pass <rfc1459-statement> through $urldecode() before sending. You can send binary data to the server this way.
End option processing. The <rfc1459-statement> begins immediately after this option.


To send a PRIVMSG to foo on server #2:

    xquote -s 2 PRIVMSG foo :text of message
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