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ison [-n] [-s] [-len <number>] [-oncmd <command>] [-offcmd <command>] [<nick> [<nick> …]]


This server query implements the underlying functionality for the NOTIFY command. Given a list of nicknames, it returns the subset of those nicknames that are currently on your network. If none of them are on the network, an empty list is returned.

If you don't provide a nickname, then your nickname is used as the default argument.

Suppressing the normal handling of the ISON reply (303 numeric) by way of an /on raw_irc will cause NOTIFY to stop working and corrupt the ison queue. Don't do this.

You cannot query a remote server with the ison command


name description
-n Prioritise this request, putting it onto the head of ISON queue
-s Trigger sending next ISON message now, in case something gone bad with it
-oncmd <command> Run given command, where $* is the users who are online
-offcmd <command> Run given command where $* is the users who are offline
-len <number> Specify your own maximum length of the ISON request, instead of default, being 500 characters.
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