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# $EPIC: part.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/19 03:58:07 sthalik Exp $


part <channel>|* [<part message>]


When you wish to leave a channel, you “PART” it. After you have parted a channel you are no longer a member of that channel, you are no longer a channel operator or a channel voice, and you will no longer receive any messages sent to the channel.

The “magic” channel, star (“*”), is a shorthand for your current window's current channel.

The built-in PART lets you use * as the channel, or a comma-separated list of channel names. It does not let you mix * with channel names. Most scripts (including 2.8script) replace PART with an alias that doesn't have this limitation.

The rest of the channel will be told you have left. Most servers support a “part message” which is included in that channel message. This is an extension to the protocol, so it's not supported everywhere.


To leave channel #foobar with a reason:

    /part #foobar I'm going to #fubar, it's cooler!

To leave your current channel:

    /part *

To leave channels #foo and #bar at the same time:

    /part #foo,#bar
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