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  • The <filename> is a dword which is different from most function arguments.
  • If the <filename> argument is omitted the empty string is returned.
  • If the <filename> argument cannot be stat(2)ed, the empty string is returned. This can happen for any of the error reasons listed in the stat(2) man page.
  • Otherwise this function returns a list of words as such:
$0 The device number
$1 The inode number
$2 Permissions of the file (in octal)
$3 Number of links to file
$4 UID of the owner of the file
$5 GID of the group of the file
$6 Device Type (for device files)
$7 Size of the file (truncated to 32 bits)
$8 Size of one block (truncated to 32 bits)
$9 Size of file in blocks (truncated to 32 bits)
$10 Last time file was read (atime)
$11 Last time file's contents changed (mtime)
$12 Last time inode changed (ctime)


This can be used to give you exhaustive information about a file.


A list of words that exhaustively describe the state of a file.

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