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disconnect [<server number> [<reason>]]


The disconnect command disconnects you from an irc server but does not make the client quit. If you are on multiple servers, only the one server will be disconnected and the others are unaffected.

Many irc server hostnames have multiple addresses. When you first try to connect to a server, the first address may get stuck and not let you on. You can use the disconnect command to abandon that address and try the next one. You can't use disconnect for this purpose after you've been accepted by the server (when you've seen the 001 numeric)

Please remember that your channels and their affiliations to their windows are lost when you are disconnected from a server.


The disconnect command takes the server from whatever server state it is in and immediately puts it in CLOSING and then CLOSED. The server is left in the CLOSED state. The reconnect command is similar, but does more.


To disconnect from your current server:


To disconnect from server 2 in your server list:

    /disconnect 2 I'll be back later!


This command first appeared in “plus 3” (post-ircII, pre-EPIC)

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