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# $EPIC: functions_script.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/01 02:45:08 sthalik Exp $


load functions


This script contains several functions useful in scripting for text display. Of primary interest are $format() and $lformat(). They behave similarly to using the $[]var notation, except they will not truncate text that is wider than the specified width.

Also included are $pluck(), $notword(), and $remove(), which are really just aliases to EPIC's built-in functions $remw(), $notw(), and $remw() (again).

Refer to Section 6 of the help files for more information on the myriad functions built into the client.

Other Notes:

Originally, this script contained many more functions, and a number of aliases. Though still present in the script source code, they are commented out, as they have been obsoleted by built-in capabilities of the client. The original functions were authored by Ian Frechette (Daemon),

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