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json_explode(«var» «json data»)


This function de-serialises a valid JSON string into an assign variable structure with the provided name.

JSON object names are converted into valid assign variable names by replacing all non-alphanumeric characters with the underscore character. JSON string values are loaded as-is (up to any embedded Unicode NUL character); JSON numeric values are converted subject to set_floating_point_math and set_floating_point_precision; JSON true and false boolean values are converted to 1 and 0 respectively; and JSON null values are converted to an empty string.

If the function fails, the result variable is not modified and a descriptive error string is available from the json_error function.


1 The function succeeded.
«empty»The function failed.


@ json = [ \
{ \
    "name": "Jack (\"Bee\") Nimble", \
    "format": { \
        "type":       "rect", \
        "width":      1920, \
        "height":     1080, \
        "interlace":  false, \
        "frame rate": 24 \
    } \

if (json_explode(foo $json)) {   
    echo $foo[format][width]
} else {
    echo JSON parse error: $json_error()

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