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This function serialises an assign variable structure into a JSON string.

All sub-structures are stored as JSON sub-objects, and all assign values are stored as JSON string values. If a part of the structure is both a sub-structure and has an assign value, the sub-structure is stored. Only global assign structures can be serialised.

An assign variable structure can be losslessly round-tripped through json_implode and json_explode, so this function is a good way for a script to serialise state to a file and reconstruct it later.

If the function fails, an empty string is returned.


«string»The JSON serialised form of the structure «var».
«empty»The function failed (probably because «var» is not a structure).


@ foo[client] = [EPIC]
@ foo[details][description] = [EPIC rocks!]
@ foo[details][protocol] = [IRC]
@ foo[details][port] = 6667

echo $json_implode(foo)

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