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# $EPIC: highlight.txt,v 1.3 2007/02/27 04:57:37 jnelson Exp $


load highlight
/highlight <pattern>
/nohighlight <pattern>


The highlight script implements a feature that provides the same facility that highlight ignores used to provide.

The /HIGHLIGHT command without any argument displays your highlights list.

The /HIGHLIGHT command with a single argument adds that argument to the highlights list.

The /NOHIGHLIGHT command with a single argument removes the argument from the highlights list. The argument must match exactly a previously argument passed to /HIGHLIGHT.


Whenever a topic change, wallops, pubilc_msg, public, public_other, msg_group, msg, quit, join, invite, nickname change, mode change, kick, notice, or public notice occurs, and either the nickname, the user@host, or the channel for the argument matches a value on the highlight list, the corresponding nick, user@host, or channel name is highlighted in the same way highlight ignores used to do.

This facility only works if you don't have your own ons, which is exactly the way the highlight ignores used to work.


This script first appeared in epic5-0.0.8.

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