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$windowctl(REFNUM <refnum|name|uuid>)
$windowctl(GET <refnum> <field>)
$windowctl(SET <refnum> <field> <value>)


Verb Description
REFNUM Return a window's refnum given it's refnum, name, or uuid
REFNUMS Return all window refnums globally
REFNUMS_BY_PRIORITY Return all window refnums in the order they were last visited
REFNUMS_ON_SCREEN Return all windows on the current input screen
NEW Create a new split window and return its refnum
NEW_HIDE Create a new hidden window and return its refnum
GET <refnum> <field> Get a data field for a window
SET <refnum> <field> Set a data field for a window (see “Can set”)
Field Can set Description
ACTIVITY_DATA <x> Y The <x>th activity data for this window window activity_data
ACTIVITY_FORMAT <x> Y The <x>th activity format for this window window activity_format
BEEP_ALWAYS N 1 if window will beep even when hidden; 0 if only when visible window beep_always
BOTTOM N The final line/row of this window's display
CHANGE_LINE N Which line will be overwritten xecho -line
CHANNELS N All the channels on this window
COLUMNS N How many columns are in this window
CURRENT_ACTIVITY Y Which activity the window is currently using for %E status line expando window current_activity
CURSOR N Where the cursor is in the window (next line gets output here)
DECEASED N Internal flag
DISPLAY_BUFFER_SIZE N How many items are in the scrollback buffer
DISPLAY_BUFFER_MAX N How many items can be in the scrollback buffer before we start expiring the oldest one window scrollback
DISPLAY_SIZE N How many lines of scrollable area the window has
DOUBLE N 1 - Two status bars are showing 0 - One status bar is showing window double
FIXED N 1 if window fixed is on, 0 if off (does window resize when screen does)
HOLD_INTERVAL N How often the %H status bar expando updates window hold_slider
HOLD_SLIDER N How much the hold view slides when you hit bind send_line. window hold_slider
INDENT Y Whether to indent second and subsequent lines of output (or not) window indent
LASTLOG_LEVEL N What kinds of output gets added to the window's lastlog
LASTLOG_MAX N How many lines of output are added to the window's lastlog before we expire the oldest one
LASTLOG_SIZE N How many lines of output are actually in this window's lastlog
LINE <x> N A previously displayed _scrollback_ line. Starts counting from 0 from the bottom
LOGFILE N When logging, the file being written to window logfile
LOGGING N Whether this window is writing all output to a logfile window log
LOG_MANGLE Y When logging, how the output should be mangled before writing window log_mangle
LOG_REWRITE Y When logging, how the output should be rewritten before writing window log_rewrite
NAME N The window's name window name
NICKLIST N All of the nicks/queries for this window window add
NOTIFIED N Whether window is currently notifying (hidden + output) window notified
NOTIFY N Whether window notifies (%F) when output when hidden window notify
NOTIFY_LEVEL N What kinds of output cause notification when hidden window notify_level
NOTIFY_NAME Y What shows with %F window notify_name
OLD_SIZE N Internal flag
PRIORITY N The window's priority (when it was last visited) window refnum
QUERY_NICK N The current query for this window window query window add
REFNUM N The window's refnum window number
SCREEN N Refnum of the screen window is on (-1 if hidden)
SCROLLADJ N When the window grows, whether lines previously scrolled off show up at the top, or blank lines at the bottom window scrolladj
SCROLL_LINES N When the window scrolls, how many lines it scrolls by at a time window scroll_lines
SERVER N The window's server refnum window server
SERVER_STRING N The original server string window server
SKIP N Whether bind next_window should skip this window
STATUS_FORMAT N Custom status format for this window (single status bar) window status_format
STATUS_FORMAT1 N Custom status format for the top status (double status bar) window status_format1
STATUS_FORMAT2 N Custom status format for the bottom status (double status bar) window status_format2
STATUS_LINE N Current rendered status bar (single status bar)
STATUS_LINE1 N Current rendered top status bar (double status bar)
STATUS_LINE2 N Current rendered bottom status bar (double status bar)
SWAPPABLE N Whether this window can be hidden when visible or made visible when hidden window hide window swap
TOP N The first line/row of this window's display
TOPLINE <x> Y The <x>th topline for this window window topline
TOPLINES N How many toplines should be showing (if there was enough room) window toplines
UPDATE N Internal flag
UUID N The window's immutable internal refnum (never changes, always unique)
VISIBLE N 1 if window is visible, 0 if window is hidden
WAITING_CHANNEL N Channels you joined but which haven't completed joining yet
WINDOW_LEVEL N What kinds of output should go to this window window level


The $windowctl() function first appeared in EPIC4-1.2.0
SWAPPABLE first appeared in EPIC4-1.2.2.
TOPLINES first appeared in EPIC5-0.0.3.
ACTIVITY_* first appeared in EPIC5-0.0.6.

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