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# $EPIC: window_level.txt,v 1.4 2006/08/31 14:06:54 sthalik Exp $


window level [<levels>]


This sets what type of messages are displayed in the current window. The actual levels to display may consist of a comma-delimited list of valid levels (see set lastlog_level for a complete description). If no level is specified, the current is displayed.

For windows that only display certain types of information, the rest is not actually discarded. Rather, it will go to a window that is set to display such information, or lacking that, the current window. To actually hide information from the screen, see the ON command.

The first window that associates with a server automatically gets the level of set new_server_lastlog_level, which is usually ALL or NONE,

When a window is associated with a server that is already connected, it steals the set old_server_lastlog_level levels for that server.


To make the current window display only public and misc. messages:

/window level public,crap
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