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This setting controls the type(s) of information that EPIC will store in its lastlog buffer. Any single message type, or any combination, may be used. If a type is prepended with a '-', messages of that type are explicitly not saved (useful with the ALL type). Message types may be abbreviated unambiguously.


action public and private CTCP ACTION messages
ctcp CTCP messages (except ACTION and DCC)
dcc DCC messages
invite INVITE messages
join JOIN messages
kick KICK messages
mode channel MODE changes
msgs MSG messages
nick nickname changes
notes NOTE messages (not supported on all servers)
notice NOTICE messages
opnote operator broadcast messages
part PART messages
public public channel messages
quit QUIT messages
snote anything hooked by the SERVER_NOTICE hook
syserr system error messages
topic channel topic changes
userlog1 - 4 reserved for the user (available with XECHO)
walls WALL messages (deprecated, no servers support it)
wallop WALLOP messages
other everything else (channel joins/parts, mode changes…)
all all of the above
none none of the above


To log everything except server and operator notices:

/set lastlog_level all -opnotes -snotes


Message type names may only be abbreviated when including the type. The full name must be given when excluding the type with a '-'.

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