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notice <nickname> <text to send>
notice <channel> <text to send>
notice =<dcc chat peer> <text to send>
notice %<process id|process name> <text to send>
notice /<command> <command arguments>


The NOTICE command is just like the MSG command, and is used to send a message to another target. Whenever you use msg in response to an irc privmsg (a msg, or a ctcp request), it will be converted into a notice for you.

The IRC protocol implies that all msgs must be replied to with a notice and replying to a notice is forbidden. If you attempt to reply to a notice, an error message will be displayed and the message will not be sent.

There is no distinction between sending a msg and notice to a dcc target (except for ctcps), an alias, or an exec process, so you can use whichever command suits you.

All notices, from any target and to any target, which you receive, will be checked for ctcp messages.

All notices that contain only a ctcp reply count towards the flood control limit for notices as well.

Notices sent to you by YOUR server are always exempt from ignore and flood control and are hooked as follows until one of the hooks catches the event:

Notices sent to you by any other server or by any target on irc are hooked as follows until one of the hooks catches the event:

Notices you sent to others will be hooked through ON SEND_NOTICE.



The notice command first appeared in ircII.

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