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# $EPIC: on_general_notice.txt,v 1.5 2008/02/20 03:41:30 jnelson Exp $


on [<modes>]general_notice [<serial#>] [-|^]<match> { <action> }


The on general_notice hook is thrown when you receive a notice from a server or an irc user, in such a manner as to present you the complete picture of who sent the notice and who they sent it to. This can replace having to catch several different types of ons. You are never required to catch the on general_notice hook – the default behavior is for it to keep throwing the ons that notices have always thrown.

When you receive a notice from someone (either another irc user, or an irc server), it gets offered to you through several different ons.

If the notice is from the server you are connected to

  1. If it is an Oper message (“*** Notice –”) then on oper_notice
  2. Otherwise then on general_notice
  3. Otherwise then on server_notice

If the notice is from another irc user or a remote server,

  1. Otherwise then on general_notice
  2. Otherwise then on public_notice or on notice depending on whether it was sent to a channel (or not)

These lists are “chained” – that is, a single notice may generate up to three different on events, assuming you don't “handle” them. However, if you do “handle” an on then the chain would stop right there.


$0 nickname of message sender
$1 target of message
$2- text of message

Default action:

If you do not suppress this event…

  • If this message is from a server, the client will throw an on server_notice event.
  • If this message is sent to a channel you're on, the client will throw an on public_notice event.
  • Otherwise, the client will throw an on notice event.


The on general_notice hook first appeared in EPIC4-1.1.3

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