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xecho [see options below] <text>


The xecho command, just like the echo command, outputs <text> to your display. Normally text you output with xecho always appears, even if you are suppressing the display. Options are available to give you more control over how and where <text> will appear.


-current Output to current server's current window. This is different from the current window (option -visible).
-level <level> Use the given <level> to hunt for a window, overriding the current level being used. This option CANCELS the current target, so you must use it before -target.
-target Use the given <target> to hunt for a window, overriding the current target being used. The -level option cancels this option, so you must use this option after -level.
-line <number> When used after -win, overwrite a particular line in that window.
-visible Output to a visible window. Usually the current window or the top window on the main screen.
-window <windesc> Output to the specified window.
-all Output to all windows.
-as Output to all windows on the server.
-banner Prefix the <text> with the current banner
-raw Output the <text> as a raw string to the underlying tty. This is used to send control characters to the terminal emulator.
-nolog Do not save the <text> to any log files that might apply.
-say Do not output if display is being suppressed.
-x Overrule set mangle_display and pretend it was set to NORMALIZE instead.
-f Do not notify (%F) if the window is hidden
-e <seconds> After specified number of seconds, echoed line is erased.
-- End option processing. <text> begins immediately after this option.


To echo text to the current window:

    xecho -v This text will appear in the current window

To send only crap and server notices to a window called `misc'

    xecho -l snotice,crap -w misc This appears in the misc window

To send the message to ALL windows:

    xecho -a This appears in all windows

To send a message with a banner prefixed to the message:

    xecho -b This will give a banner too

To change the titlebar of an xterm:

    eval xecho -r $chr(27)]2\;Your titlebar has been changed.$chr(7)

To output a temporary message:

    xecho -e 5 This message will self destruct in 5 seconds!

To output text beginning with a hyphen:

    xecho -- -= This text is treated literal =-


-= This text is treated literal =-

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